Latest Windows 8 Themes / Deskthemepacks

Feb 21, 2015
Windows 8 Frozen Theme
35 super high quality wallpapers make this one of the best Frozen themes for Windows 8 - It is a...
Total Downloads: 6,751
Feb 21, 2015
Windows 8 Arsenal themepack
Arsenal FC Windows 8 Desktop Theme with 10 high quality wallpapers and custom desktop icons. One of...
Total Downloads: 8,447
Feb 21, 2015
Windows 8 Outer Space Themes
NASA Hidden Universe is a desktop theme for Windows 8 that features cool images, soinds and icons...
Total Downloads: 7,005
Feb 21, 2015
Windows 8 Poker Theme
12 background images, custom sounds and custom icons make this a must have Windows 8 Deskthemepack...
Total Downloads: 8,264
Feb 20, 2015
Superman Man of Steel Windows 8 Theme
A young boy learns that he has extraordinary powers and is not from Earth. As a young man, he...
Total Downloads: 5,317
Feb 20, 2015
Star Citizen Windows 8 Theme
You wake up... The hum of the fusion drive reverberates through the ship's hull. It reminds you...
Total Downloads: 4,549
Feb 18, 2015
Windows 8 Ninja Gaiden III theme
If you like play fast paced fighting games, are a fan of Ninja than Ninja Gaiden 3 is exact match...
Total Downloads: 4,374
Feb 16, 2015
Windows 8 Ferrari Theme
Ferrari 458 Windows 8 Theme is dedicated to the Ferrari 458 supercar produced by the Italian car...
Total Downloads: 4,711
Feb 16, 2015
Windows 8 Walking Dead Theme
Walking Dead Windows 8 desktop theme with 16 high definition Walking Dead wallpapers to decorate...
Total Downloads: 7,868
Feb 14, 2015
St Patricks Day
It is time again for green beer and more green beer! I love this holiday, it is one that I can't...
Total Downloads: 4,728