Latest Windows 8 Themes / Deskthemepacks

Mar 12, 2014
View Of Snow
Snowy View of things theme 8 different backgrounds
Total Downloads: 2,350
Mar 12, 2014
Unicorn theme 7 different wallpapers
Total Downloads: 2,675
Mar 5, 2014
4th of July
A simple theme of the American Flag blended with one of America's most well known Quotes. 'We Hold...
Total Downloads: 2,039
Mar 4, 2014
Windows Electric
Very cool wallpaper theme of the Windows logo lit up by lightning. Great Visual file for your...
Total Downloads: 16,456
Jan 9, 2014
Baby Valentines Theme
Free Valentines Day Windows 8 Theme featuring 10 hi-res images of babies showing us that Valentines...
Total Downloads: 2,394
Jan 9, 2014
Windows 8 Valentines Themepack
Free Windows 8 Valentines Day Theme. 10 hi-res images, custom cursors and sounds bring all of the...
Total Downloads: 2,301
Jan 9, 2014
Valentine Day 7 Themes
Just created this only for Valentine's Day, and for all people to love. Peace in the world. Only...
Total Downloads: 1,575
Jan 9, 2014
Valentine'S Day Rose
Wish your loved one a Happy Valentine's Day with this Windows 8 holiday theme. A large rose with...
Total Downloads: 1,638
Jan 9, 2014
Valentines Day Theme
12 Ultra HQ Valentines Day Images just for you and your sweetheart!
Total Downloads: 1,734
Jan 9, 2014
Red Love
Love is any of a number of emotions related to a sense of strong affection and attachment. The word...
Total Downloads: 1,832