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Animal Themes

Dec 12, 2014
Snow Horses
Horses running through the thick snow on a hill side. Beautiful winter theme.
Preview Snow Horses
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Total Downloads: 1,915
Nov 20, 2014
It's a Pug Christmas
Enjoy this adorable pug in a Santa hat. Theme also comes with the countdown to Christmas desktop...
Preview It's a Pug Christmas
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Total Downloads: 1,786
Mar 12, 2014
Unicorn theme 7 different wallpapers
Preview Unicorns
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Total Downloads: 2,710
Jun 12, 2013
Wolves are social predators that live in nuclear families consisting of a mated pair which...
Preview Wolf
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Total Downloads: 1,781
Jun 12, 2013 2012 Tropical Fish Calendar Windows 8 Theme is specifically designed for those of...
Preview Tropical Fishcalendars 2012 Theme
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Total Downloads: 1,513
Jun 12, 2013
Tigers In The Snow
A theme based upon on of the big cats on the planet: the tiger . There are nine different...
Preview Tigers In The Snow
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Total Downloads: 1,848
Jun 12, 2013
Two Dolphins jumping below the sun during a sunset in the ocean.
Preview Sunset Jumping Dolphins
Download Sunset Jumping Dolphins
Total Downloads: 1,311
Jun 12, 2013
Ocean Life. A pack Of HD pictures in this theme. Underwater life enjoy.
Preview Ocean Life Hd
Download Ocean Life Hd
Total Downloads: 1,460
Jun 11, 2013
Includes a transperency Theme and a wallpaper pack with Green Snakes.
Preview Lucid Clear Design and Green Snake
Download Lucid Clear Design and Green Snake
Total Downloads: 1,825
May 28, 2013
The Harp Seal or Saddleback seal is a species of earless seal native to the northernmost Atlantic...
Preview Harp Seals
Download Harp Seals
Total Downloads: 1,417